Tyler Gilmore presents Western Verse with collage artist Brooke Herr

Project Description

Composer Tyler Gilmore and visual artist Brooke Herr both work to excavate the unconscious. Brought together by their mutual fascination with imagery and sound that evokes the emotions we don’t yet have words for, Tyler and Brooke began collaborating in 2014.

Western Verse is an in-progress multimedia work for four acoustic bassists, two tenor saxophonists, live electronic sound manipulation, and live video realization utilizing the collage works of Brooke Herr. The piece combines repurposed photos with live sampling of acoustic sound, both spun and refracted to reference archetypal body imagery. The resulting experience is both beautiful and unsettling.

The piece connects tactile aspects of the instrumental performance to live video manipulation, for example a low bass chord could cause a portion of the collage to undulate at a corresponding frequency. A fast crescendo could cause a layer of the collage to ripple in reaction. The live electronics portion of the work similarly samples and manipulates the acoustic instruments, creating a sound bath that both blurs and abstracts the line between acoustic and electronic sound.

The live audio electronics will be created via Ableton Live and Max MSP. Select signals from this will be fed to another computer running Max MSP and Jitter to manipulate the video portion. We have all the necessary hardware for this set up.

Technical specifications

The audio output is two quarter inch cables, in stereo, from an interface. The ensemble features four acoustic basses, which would need to be mic’d. We would also need a table for electronics and five music stands.

We would use your projector for the visual aspect of the piece. 

As a side note - we hope to eventually expand this piece into a Virtual Reality environment via Unity or another VR/360 software engine. If you have access to any talented people with the necessary experience, that could be an added outgrowth of our residency.

Lead Artist Bio

Tyler Gilmore is a composer and electronic musician, and founder of Not Art Records. He has worked with Jenny Hval, Danny Meyer (Chairlift, Julia Holter), Cuong Vu, Matt Wilson, and Ron Miles. He orchestrates for Jason Moran, Alicia Hall Moran, and others. His recent premieres include "From Overhead" with The Switch Ensemble at the Valencia International Performance Academy Festival 2016 in Valencia, Spain, and "More Like a Reader" with The Playground Ensemble in Denver, Colorado. He won the 2009 ASCAP/Columbia College Commission in Honor of Hank Jones and won the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer's Award in 2008, 2009, and 2010; and has been a fellow at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, Music OMI, and Brush Creek Arts. He has recorded two albums with his ensemble Ninth and Lincoln, including Static Line.

His recording label, Not Art Records, supports artists combining acoustic sound and electronics including Grammy-winner Cory Smythe and multi-instrumentalist Ben Zucker.

Tyler grew up in rural Wyoming, attended the University of Northern Colorado and the New England Conservatory, and is now based in Brooklyn, NY.

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