na009 - ben zucker - confluere

1 - part I

2 - part II

A combination of live and digital artistry, Confluere is composer Ben Zucker’s dynamic exploration of simultaneity: one month of improvised recordings layered together without edits. The resulting recording is rich with unexpected concurrences and potent juxtapositions, a work that is both meditative and melodically rich.

Ben Zucker is a composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist based in London and Oakland, CA. His work explores the musical connections between people, objects, and histories - leading to collaborations and performances with Notes Inegales, The Improviser's Choir, electro-salsa collective Arcadio, and individuals including Anthony Braxton, Rinde Eckert, and Matana Roberts. He has composed music for the Roundhouse, the Baltic Art Form, the New York Fringe Festival, and the Mivos Quartet.

artwork by Brooke Herr

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