not art mixtape 2018

1 - Mozrat - Slash

2 - Elsa Park - Desert

3 - - A Blank Margin

4 - WNNR - Pecking Order

5 - Raia Was - What I

6 - Ron Coulter - Try

7 - Jan Giedroyc - That's Next Door

8 - Ben Zucker - I/O\U

9 - Enoc Torraca - Climb


Elsa Park is a composer based in South Korea. She studied Electronic/Electroacoustic music at the University of Birmingham and studied Jazz Piano at Seoul Institute of the Arts. Park's recent music roots in the genre of Ambient/Chill-out/Contemporary designed with a sense of murky gesture in some impressionistic gradation. AKA Tyler Gilmore creates otherworldly electronic tone poems full of repurposed pop samples and densely woven electronic textures. Gilmore has worked with MacArthur winner Jason Moran, Cuong Vu, Jenny Hval, and Autre ne Veut.

WNNR walks the mountains of New York's Hudson Valley, just north of New York City, then returns to his small studio and describes what he's seen to his computer. After long conversations between the instruments inside and outside his computer, they summarize his feeling of these landscapes into short, vibrant soundscapes. Often, this involves directly or indirectly utilizing field recordings of acoustic sources as grounds for rhythmic and melodic exploration, with a fusion of electronic sound sources, synthesizers, sample triggers, and acoustic instruments timed with machine precision. WNNR has toured the world extensively as a performing bassist, keyboardist, and sound-maker with artists like VÉRITÉ, Emel Mathlouthi, and Arthur Moon. His work has been featured on VH1, VICELAND, Bloomberg Media, This American Life, Crooked Media, and other major media outlets. He can most often be found in the woods, under impressively large trees, looking up.

What I was created for choreographer Rina Espiritu's 'What I' (2017)
composed, produced and performed by Raia Was

Ron Coulter is a percussionist, composer, improviser, researcher, and educator living in Casper, Wyoming. He has performed and/or lectured in 49 U.S. states, Canada, Japan, and Europe. His performance credits are diverse with groups such as the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Tone Road Ramblers, Music from China, Linux Laptop Orchestra, Chicago Chamber Orchestra, Percussion Art Ensemble, Improvisation Unit, and artists such as Bolokada Conde, Gino Robair, Eric Mandat, Lucy Shelton, and Sean Jones. His interests in noise, intermedia, performance art, acoustic ecology, interdisciplinary collaboration, non-idiomatic improvisation, and curation have led to organizing Fluxconcerts, founding the Southern Illinois Improvisation Series (SiiS) and Wyoming Experimental Sound Series (WyExSs), and co-founding Drm&Gtr, duende entendre, REDVIXA, and Marble Hammer, in addition to collaborative projects with artists specializing in performance art, sculpture, video, and spoken word. As a composer, Ron has created more than 300 original compositions for various media encompassing numerous genres. His compositions been recorded on the Kreating SounD, Upper Hand Press, and A Caldera record labels; selected scores and editions are published by HoneyRock Publishing, Frog Peak Music, Smith Publications, and Kreating SounD.

Jan Giedroyc specialises primarily in electro-acoustic composition and his style has been described as erratic and eccentric. Jan has also composed music for short films by Grey Sea Films, CaFE & Julie Margarete Sande, arranged a poem by Vasco Graça Moura, orchestrated music by Tracey Jane Campbell for the Animato Orchestra (Switzerland) and mixed/mastered music by composer Matthew Grouse and singer-songwriters Marina Moon, Eric Jarnes & Alice Mckeever.

Ben Zucker is a composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist based in London and Oakland, CA. His work explores the musical connections between people, objects, and histories - leading to collaborations and performances with Notes Inegales, The Improviser's Choir, electro-salsa collective Arcadio, and individuals including Anthony Braxton, Rinde Eckert, and Matana Roberts. He has composed music for the Roundhouse, the Baltic Art Form, the New York Fringe Festival, and the Mivos Quartet.

Enoc Torraca - Bassist and sound designer based in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico.