na012 - mass praktikal - To plan is a luxury– to dream, a birthright.

1 - the dream
2 - the discovery
3 - the faith
4 - the obligation
5 - the good days
6 - the house
7 - the obstacle
8 - the bad days
9 - the enmeshed
10 - the plan
11 - the kiss
12 - the hospital
13 - flux

Timothy C. Reece: Drum kit, Bleeps & Bloops, Compositions
Kris Poulin: Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Recorded at Silent Treatment Studios, Chicago IL
Mixed & Mastered at SDRL, San Diego, CA
All Songs by Timothy C Reece

“The first and final tracks are called The Dream and Flux, because our life circumstances always start with a dream and end with change. Change is inevitable, but it’s just a mirror image of our dreams” says Reece. Throughout the album, Mass Praktikal explores the contrast between planning and dreaming, and the milestones one crosses along the way.

Tim Reece is a drummer, visual artist and poet. He recorded and performed with The Album Leaf from 2001 to 2010, with whom he toured extensively in support of Sigur Ros. He currently performs with Via Satellite, Limber Wolf, and Bull Session.

Acoustic drums and chaotic synthesized textures combine to form this mixtape style collection. Rhythm takes center stage throughout the set, featuring Reece on drum set. Deep acoustic and electronic grooves bubble in and out of the texture, moving through moments of repose and saturated intensity.

artwork by Brooke Herr

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