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NA Presents: Cory Smythe Album Release & Tyler Gilmore with Pools

  • jazz gallery 1160 Broadway, 5th fl New York, NY 10001 (map)

7:30 Cory Smythe - piano and electronics

9:30 Tyler Gilmore and Pools - featuring Kenji Herbert - guitar, Zack Nestel-Patt - bass, and Tyler Gilmore - electronics

A U T O TROPHS is a document of formidable pianistic virtuosity, timbrel and tonal invention. “I hope this is,” says Smythe, “recognizably the work of someone trying to imagine a forward-looking, virtuosic, improvised and augmented piano music — music that in some alternate reality might be popular, danceable, fun, funny, that avails itself of a colorful range of pianistic, electronic, and compositional devices and hopefully welds them together into something compelling and new.”