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Not Art Presents: Piano Music


Not Art Records and OpenICE present a concert of piano music for non-pianos. Featuring works by Conlon Nancarrow, Steve Reich, and Heather Stebbins, the instruments used will include analog synthesizers, repurposed piano components, and B. Toys Meowsic keyboards.


Conlon Nancarrow: Study No 37 for player piano
[for computer in just intonation]
performer: Maciej Lewandowski

Heather Stebbins: Pale Flame (premiere)
[for piano components & fixed media electronics]
performers: Radical 2

Conlon Nancarrow: Study No 41b for player piano
[for analog and frequency modulation synthesizers]
performer: Tyler Gilmore

Steve Reich: Piano Phase
[for B. Toys Meowsic Keyboards (see photo in discussion section)]
performers: Drew Spradlin, Tristan McKay

Not Art Records is a digital platform supporting composers, improvisers, and ensembles who are making use of electronics in passionate and inspiring ways. Among the artists appearing on our label are Cory Smythe, Ubu Boi, Raia Was, and many others. More at:

Heather Stebbins is an internationally performed composer of acoustic and electroacoustic works with a background as a cellist. At the core of her music is a deep fascination with the inner structures and intricacies of sound. More at: